Exciting announcement!

I believe I have one or two people who follow me here because I post stuff about photography once in a blue moon. Not to say that that will stop happening altogether BUT…

I have officially started up a separate photography website!! I dubbed it ZV Image Creations. Over there, I will be writing posts strictly related to all things photography, including but not limited to editing, techniques, or even other photographers/vendors. I am ecstatic about this because not only am I making all the decisions about how to customize the site, which tickles me, but I can legitimately build a side business, which has been something I’ve been working towards for quite some time now.

The bones of the site are up and I will continually be tweaking a few things here and there but for right now, ZV Image Creations version 1.0 is up! (ZVIC also looks kinda cool….but I’m biased.)

Eventually there will be an e-commerce section (galleries/shopping cart/prints) but that is a work in progress as I continue to build my portfolio.

And if any one of you fine readers happens to be a photography enthusiast or a professional, please feel free to contact me with any constructive feedback.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here chair dancing (mostly because I’m excited but also because Lady Gaga’s new album is badass).