Sitting Down in the Gown

Aurora in White

Didn’t we all want to see Sleeping Beauty’s wedding dress? I did.

Last week, I traversed the plains of Illinois and arrived at the threshold (or “Gateway”) of the west in my fair hometown of St. Louis to shop for a wedding dress.

Due to some circumstances not under my control, I was not able to choose to have my wedding in St. Louis, so the next best thing was being able to dress shop there in order to have my little piece of the Lou with me on my special day.

I wasn’t sure how indecisive I was going to be throughout this process. I had given myself only one long weekend in the middle of one of the coldest winters in twenty years to find my dress. I had done some research with magazines, of course, and Pinterest, and The Knot, and speaking with friends who are also planning weddings. But I hadn’t gone anywhere in person yet and had no idea if I was going to have a Say Yes to the Dress bridezilla meltdown or whether it would be whimsical and practically effortless.

Let me just put this out there right now: the women who go on TV shows to try on bridal gowns are brave! As giddy as I was to go to a few shops and try on dresses, I would have felt twenty times more anxious if I knew my experience were being filmed and eventually televised. Props to you, Regular Ladies of America who appear on TLC.

I had lined up three appointments for the long weekend and given myself enough time to go to a shop on impulse, should the need arise if I wasn’t finding anything.

As fortune would have it, I only had to go to two shops and try on six dresses before I found The One. (I was told later that this was very Zoe-efficient of me.)

Prior to my second day of shopping, I was given some solid advice by the daughter of a close family friend. She told me to try on serious contenders twice. I kept that little nugget stored away until the time came for me to make a decision. It came in handy, since I ended up loving my dress but came back later to try it on a second time before going forward with my purchase.

For anyone who will be dress shopping in the near future, here is some insight I thought I could share on this whole process that may help you out:

  1. Customer service at bridal boutiques is key and will make or break the shopping experience. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself places out there (and are more budget friendly, certainly), if you are able to afford going to a place with reputable customer service, I highly recommend doing so. I gave both shops I tried positive reviews on Yelp, even though I only ended up buying from one place.
  2. Bring or wear a bra that will look good in low cut and/or strapless gowns. Even if a gown has sleeves, it’s probably going to be sheer up top, and bra straps can take away some of the illusion you’re trying to create.
  3. Unless it’s summertime and unbearably hot, pantyhose isn’t a bad idea. It helps slide you into dresses more easily. This was one thing I wish I had done, though I was shopping in the middle of winter, so it wasn’t a nightmare.
  4. Dresses get HOT once you put them on. The sheer tonnage of material and being under hot lights gets you warm really quickly. To prepare, use a little of this ingenious powder gel on yourself. For those who aren’t aware, that powder gel also contains the same active ingredient as the fancy foundation primer out there, so you can use it on your face if ya want!
  5. Dresses you don’t like hanging up might look stunning on, so keep an open mind. Such was the case with the one I eventually chose. I saw it hanging up and pooh-poohed it. Then I got it on and was in awe.
  6. If you’re absolutely unsure if you like a dress after you’ve been wearing it a while, you probably don’t. And pay attention to details that bother you, e.g. a corset back vs. a zipper vs. buttons. They can be surprising dealbreakers.
  7. Accessories can make all the difference in the world.
  8. Be prepared to have your consultant see a lot of you (definitely shave and get yourself all tidy). If she’s doing her job well, you will feel relatively comfortable throughout, despite someone you never met getting all up in your business.
  9. Take lots of pictures from different angles in case you can’t decide right away. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.
  10. Sit down in the gown before you say yes to the dress! This was one of the key things one of my relatives made me do before going forward with my purchase. She wanted to be sure I would feel comfortable sitting and moving around in it. After all, I’m going to be in this thing for twelve hours or so. Sitting proved to be fine, though I won’t be able to slouch at all. I’ll have lovely posture on the big day.
  11. Pace yourself and have fun!

Realizing how fun–and to some extent comfortable–it was to wear the gown made me laugh. I don’t wear fancy stuff on a regular basis, so I felt like the gals on Friends when they wore the wedding gowns because it made them feel good. I totally get it now! It’s hard to go back to jeans and sweaters once you’ve had a wedding dress on.

And aren’t they totally rocking sitting down in those gowns?


Jenni’s Cookies – A Review

That empty bag up there represents all that is left of the cookies I ordered just a mere few days ago. My gosh, they were good. They make people say things like, “My gosh.”

Let me start over.

When I got my box of Jenni’s Cookies in the mail, you’d think it was already Christmas morning. I elected to receive them at work so they wouldn’t sit on my cold porch all day. Also, I really wanted to try one right away.

Get to know and love one Ms. Jenni of Jenni’s Cookies. The sister of a good friend of mine, she transitioned from hobby cookie-maker and decorator into her own full-time business this year. And may I say, she has found her calling.

Since I had it on good word that the cookies taste as incredible as they are adorable, I bided my time and placed an order. I was thrilled to be able to order my box right at the height of the holiday season, as well. Her holiday shapes are absolutely adorable and scream, “Eat me!”  But in a good way.

You might be thinking, can’t anybody frost and decorate a sugar cookie?

NOPE. I could never, and I mean never, do something this painstaking for a living. I just plain don’t have the decorating skills or the patience. Thus, I am grateful for people like Jenni.

Jenni rolls out each batch with loving care from a family recipe and takes great care to personalize your order. (If you haven’t clicked on the link to see the staggering array of things she is capable of, here it is one more time:

She will make just about anything for anyone, whether it is a corporate marketing event or one big party, but rest assured she owns or will possess the perfect cookie cutter shape, rendering the final product into a miniature work of art.

I chose the holiday cookies because this is my favorite time of year and, let’s face it, it’s cookie eatin’ season, but I know I will go back to her the next time I want to impress some folks with the perfect accompaniment for the occasion.

The cookies:

I had to have mine shipped to me since I no longer reside in the greater city of New York. They arrive in a very carefully and tightly packed box to prevent damage to your precious treats within. It was comforting to see the extra care she takes for those batches she sends out. On top of that, each cookie is placed in its own protective bag with a ribbon for easy distribution.

The cookies have a slightly crisp but chewy texture; this seems like an oxymoron but you’ll just have to try one to see for yourself. One can taste the vanilla (and the TLC!) in every bite. Because they are not overly sweet, the icing on top adds just the right amount of extra sweetness. No artificial flavors here, folks.

In summation: After taking yourself to the website, customizing and placing your order, and receiving your delicious bundles of joy, get yourself a tall, icy glass of milk and give your tastebuds the delight that they have been waiting for, ever since your eyes told your brain that you must try these handmade confections. I promise they are worth every penny and the wait, if there is one. (Even having placed an out of state order, they arrived very quickly for her having made me a customized, fresh batch.)

And then also feast your eyes on me and my dude savoring (and eventually devouring) these delectable things. Then get you some.

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