Spring Fling and Easter Critters


Is it too early to celebrate? No? Happy Spring!!!

I sincerely hope the weather is springlike where you are. I think we can all agree winter was frigid, to say the least, and I know more than a few states in the good old U.S. of A were walloped with weather they almost never have to worry about. Illinois has allllll the seasons, and while I prefer it that way, Old Man Winter was extra cranky this year, resulting in getting more than our fair share of snow, ice, wind, and crazy sub-zero temperatures.

As some of you may have seen already, I have been diligently working on my side hobbies quite ardently in the last few months–namely crocheting cute little things and posting them in my relatively new Etsy shop.

Soooo to celebrate the arrival of what is hopefully better weather and warmer temperatures, in addition to Easter coming up, oh and just ’cause you guys are awesome, I am offering my readers a “Zoe Says” discount in the Etsy shop. Just enter the coupon code SPRINGFLING14 at checkout, and you automatically shave off 10% from your order. There is no minimum purchase required (really!) and I have items for sale for a variety of budgets, big or small.

For those who haven’t visited the shop yet, I sell both crocheted items (little amigurumi creatures and a few wearables) plus photographic prints and canvasses.

And! Pretty much everything is customizable, so if you see something you like but want a different color, just send me a message.

If you want a print but don’t see the size you want, hit me up.

If you are buying an “in stock” item and want more than one, we can do that.

If you have something specific in mind and don’t see it listed, just ask if it’s possible for me to make it. The possibilities are endless and the discount will still apply!

Etsy makes it easy to contact me; just click one of the links on the sidebar in the area that looks like this:

Custom Order

I have had several custom requests from friends and acquaintances and it’s always fun to try something new and give someone exactly what they want. This Spring Fling/Easter sale/Zoe Says “thanks!” coupon code doesn’t expire until April 20, 2014 but order early if you want something in time for Easter, since I like, have to make it and ship it.

To sum up:

It’s Spring. We’re overjoyed.

Easter is a month away and we love pastels and eggs and chocolate and cute little critters.

I’m grateful for you, my readers.

I’m offering a special thank you code through Easter, which is April 20. SPRINGFLING14 gets you 10% off any order, big or small! Just hit up the shop.

Here are some cuteness overload photos, in case you’re still on the fence. Every single thing in these photos is available for sale! Thanks so much, everyone, and enjoy this first month of spring!

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Big gushy thank you

I really don’t know what to say. I am bowled over at the response to this weekend’s featured post from Freshly Pressed. I never would have guessed that WordPress would bestow their highest honor on me with a post about a socially awkward smile. The discussion that followed (and is still on-going, mind you) was extremely eye-opening, hilarious, and thoughtful.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is….I love you, man!

I have a plethora of new subscribers so I feel this relatively high amount of pressure on my shoulders to deliver solid posts. I am counting on you all to give me proper feedback. Oh, and welcome! For new readers, I will say that some of my post popular posts stem from my earlier years. Perhaps one day I’ll make a list of my Top 10 but for now I will keep mum. I have my favorites, of course.

My writing style has not changed much except I try to keep things shorter and sweeter nowadays. I also heretofore felt freer to use curse words. Now they are used in moderation to really punctuate a point but I try to keep it clean. (Big step for me.)

I don’t have a current photo of myself that accurately depicts my joy at the response this little blog has gotten so I am posting one from when I was 26; you can see the following: my goofy facial expression, I was wearing a Pr0n * (porn star) tee-shirt – I mean, really – and it is intended to be laughed at. I may or may not have ordered cards with this photo on it and sent them out to crack up my friends and family at the time. Thank you, Shutterfly.

Was I rocking this tee-shirt or what?

Again, I am humbled and grateful for your attentions and I look forward to creating more meaningful posts for your enjoyment.