Big gushy thank you

I really don’t know what to say. I am bowled over at the response to this weekend’s featured post from Freshly Pressed. I never would have guessed that WordPress would bestow their highest honor on me with a post about a socially awkward smile. The discussion that followed (and is still on-going, mind you) was extremely eye-opening, hilarious, and thoughtful.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is….I love you, man!

I have a plethora of new subscribers so I feel this relatively high amount of pressure on my shoulders to deliver solid posts. I am counting on you all to give me proper feedback. Oh, and welcome! For new readers, I will say that some of my post popular posts stem from my earlier years. Perhaps one day I’ll make a list of my Top 10 but for now I will keep mum. I have my favorites, of course.

My writing style has not changed much except I try to keep things shorter and sweeter nowadays. I also heretofore felt freer to use curse words. Now they are used in moderation to really punctuate a point but I try to keep it clean. (Big step for me.)

I don’t have a current photo of myself that accurately depicts my joy at the response this little blog has gotten so I am posting one from when I was 26; you can see the following: my goofy facial expression, I was wearing a Pr0n * (porn star) tee-shirt – I mean, really – and it is intended to be laughed at. I may or may not have ordered cards with this photo on it and sent them out to crack up my friends and family at the time. Thank you, Shutterfly.

Was I rocking this tee-shirt or what?

Again, I am humbled and grateful for your attentions and I look forward to creating more meaningful posts for your enjoyment.