Renewed: Passion for Potato Pancakes

This morning we needed to get out of the house because we were putting spider bombs in the basement and needed to grab the dog and go somewhere for a bit. (Our basement is seriously nasty and one of the creepiest I’ve ever been in.)

Since it was also a fine time to go get breakfast, we headed over to The Original Pancake House; but not after stopping in at the Great Harvest Bread Company and picking up some cheesy jalapeno bread, a Turtle Cookie, and some pumpkin loaf with chocolate chips in it. Clearly we’re fattening up — more — for the winter, months down the line.

Fast forward to our food arriving at The Original Pancake House, a place which prides itself on the quality of the food it serves. Before our food arrived, I was already impressed with the fact that they brewed their own coffee and served me a small cream pitcher filled with…cream. I don’t know about you but perfect coffee with your breakfast is kind of like what vanilla does to sugar cookies: you would only appreciate it in its absence. And it’s that important.

I decided to order Eggs Michael, a dish consisting of two poached eggs on top of some sausage and English muffins, topped with a mushroom sherry sauce and served with three potato pancakes, which come with sides of sour cream and apple sauce. Does that not sound amazing?

Long story short, the potato pancakes were some of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve dined in some mighty fine restaurants. The best bite was a mixture of the poached egg, potato pancake, a little sour cream, and some English muffin. The sausage wasn’t bad at all but I became so fixated on the potato pancakes and eggs that I didn’t rememberto eat everything. The mushroom sherry sauce actually tasted like sherry, even though it had a more gravy look to it. (I’m not a fan of gravy and being picky about it, I think that says something about my willingness to eat it.)

I’m posting some photos of our meal, in case you need incentive to visit the Champaign-Urbana area and try this place out for yourself. (Click on each to see an enlarged view.) We split a plain waffle because the place is famous for its waffles and pancakes (and they have a huge variety) and it was absolutely delicious. You can tell these people take pride in what they serve to their customers. It was a bon repas, indeed.

Eggs Michael

Perfect Potato Pancakes

Lethal deliciousness