The USPS Gets Nostalgic

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Be ye from the States or from across the globe, there is a good chance you are familiar with Charles M. Schulz and his adorable Peanuts characters.

Like my post about the Ctrl z cards, I am going to keep this as brief as possible, since I merely want to announce the arrival of adorable Charlie Brown envelopes and boxes at the United States Post Office.

Did you hear that? Charlie Brown/Peanuts envelopes. At your local post office. Get yours before they sell the hell out!

Anyhow, because my boyfriend and I are such enormous fans, I picked up an empty envelope the other day when I was mailing something else, just to take it home with me. I am sure the woman behind the counter thought I was a curious person.

Yet, whoever is the recipient of this small mailing envelope (and they come in a large size and also hard boxes that you put together in the post office!) is a special person indeed, since I wouldn’t grace just anybody’s household with it.

Clearly the USPS likes promoting adorable, witty characters, and so they have graced us with Peanuts mailing supplies this holiday season. I can’t say I blame ’em.

For you to marvel at, and then go buy some of your very own:

Does it get better than this?

180 degrees of animation!


Update as of 2019: I finally used this envelope nine years later. It was in pristine condition but I saved it for that long for the perfect gift to come along.