New Things

As my crochet obsession took over my brain for the better part of the last five months and it shows no sign of slowing down, I realized I needed to re-insert balance in my life when it comes to my other passions, those of blogging and photography.

Fortunately, photography comes naturally with crochet because I get to take pictures of my finished works, so it keeps me en pointe with that set of skills.

But Zoe Says is my first love and after 5.5 years of blogging, I don’t want to see it recede into the background. Now that I have refocused a bit and am actively including posts about crocheting here and there, I thought, what’s a good way to keep up on the blog and strike more blog-life balance?

It’s a very simple answer, which is: have a weekly post on newly created things. They don’t even have to be items that I will necessarily list for sale in the shop; at the very least, it’s a way to keep paying forward the creativity. I’m in the Granny Square phase of learning in crochet. In fact, I just added a charity to my blogroll  that I think is SO cool and will eventually donate to, which is Crochet Granny Squares of Love. The woman and her team who run it receive donated granny squares and turn them into blankets for charity.

Once upon a time, I followed another blogger named Zoe (though I think she used an umlaut) and she would update about her knitted items and I just thought they were the bees’ knees. I believe she re-purposed her blog or took it down but it was keen.

In sum, keep your eyes peeled and I look forward to sharing more crochet love with y’all!