Perfume That Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

After purchasing some perfume in May that I had been drooling over since I first rubbed it on myself from a magazine, I have made the decision to give it a negative review.

It pains me to do it. I really wanted this perfume to be right up there with my go-to scent, Premier Jour by Nina Ricci. (Aside: I have been told that this has been discontinued but I have not had a problem finding it online for years now.)

I adore perfume. I love having at least five or more different scents available to me year round so I can spray on some ‘extra personality’ for the day. I don’t go crazy or anything but wearing perfume definitely makes me feel more feminine and pretty, even when I’m not wearing makeup.

I ask for perfume every year for my birthday and at Christmas. I always have an on-going list. Nine times out of ten, I prefer an eau de parfum over an eau de toilette, since I prefer having more “scent” in my perfumes, enabling them to last longer. There are a handful of EDTs out there that are pretty solid, though.


I can now officially name one EDP that I will strike from the Zoe Recommends list. And, it is definitely not worth $80+ (retail). In fact, I paid over $90 when I purchased this particular bottle when I was in Seattle.

The perfume in question is:

Narciso Rodriguez for her - eau de parfum

How pretty is the packaging? Would that the contents were worth this bottle!

The notes of this particular perfume are: pink pepper, lavender, patchouli, violet, amber, and woody accord. So very Zoe. It even has a pink smell, which is appropriate, considering the pink pepper and it’s beauteous glass bottle. I really love the hint of woods or musk. (Favorite musk perfume? Chance from Chanel. To die for.)

Unfortunately, despite the hefty price and it being an eau de parfum, this one doesn’t cut the mustard. I wanted it to so badly.

The perfume does not last. It goes on slightly heavier upon first spray but dissipates quickly. No matter how many sprays I get on to my left wrist – the one that emanates smell more out of my two wrists – no scent lingers at the end of the day. If I spray some on my neck and a little gets on my clothes, which is part of the point to perfume, the scent that remains on my shirt hardly even resembles the original.

It’s entirely too light and non-lasting for a very expensive bottle of perfume. It doesn’t match up to my mantra of “you get what you pay for.” And I really hate being wrong, but especially about something like that.

Last but not least, what I can’t get from this perfume I can get from Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. Which I already own!! The notes from Lovely are: amber, lavender, orchid, musk, and apple. Similar overtones and you would think that Lovely would smell lighter or not last as long but it beats out Narciso by a mile on both accounts.

To add insult to injury, so to speak, the sprayer for this bottle – at least mine – sucks. It takes entirely too much pressure to depress it for a single spray. I do like that it comes out in a nice, light mist. You aren’t doused. But because less is more when it comes to perfume, I still feel as if I have to pump the sprayer ten times to get any kind of decent scent. See photo below for the sprayer – nothing unusual.

As I’ve said, regardless of how much one sprays initially, the scent will not last. And it does go on quite prettily, I might add.

Sucky sprayer

I feel as if I’m saying something really controversial here, which is SO SILLY. There are infinitely more shocking and actual awful things in the world. But to read the reviews of this perfume (especially the ones who say the black bottle and pink box, the EDT), you would think that Narciso invented the sense of smell.

I’m sorry to say I am the whistleblower on this one: save your money and buy something else. Take my word for it.