Being super "we" and "us" makes me feel like Meg and Hamilton Swan sometimes.

Happy New Year, friends! I took a little sabbatical from posting in the latter part of 2014 and there is good reason for that. On October 25, 2014, I married my best friend and the most wonderful man I know. After almost two whole years of engagement, planning a wedding, and designing a honeymoon that […]

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Letting Go, Letting In

A Friend

Recently, mid-week insomnia led me to my computer to write on something more personal and that which has sat in my heart and my Drafts for months. Truthfully, I have been mulling over this particular topic as a post for so long I can’t remember when it actually germinated. I’ll start with this: If you […]

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Baby/Blanket Fever

Happy Friday the thirteenth and full moon! Though the number thirteen and I are not friends, it is a beautiful and quiet day in my neck of the woods, so I thought I would send out a project update. Crocheting has proved to be an aid in more regular blogging, it seems. This way, I […]

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Showcase of Recent Projects

I promised about a month ago to begin doing more show ‘n tell posts on projects I am working on or have completed. Here I am to fulfill that promise….slightly out of breath and a little worn, truth be told. Between working full-time and wedding planning, working on my side interests is all about making […]

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Thoughts on a Birthday

sweet secrets collection

I don’t always do a post on or around my birthday, but this year–today–I felt compelled to. I woke up from having one of those dreams that feels endless and like it must be taking up at least an hour of my sleep, when in reality, it was probably five or ten minutes at most. […]

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New Things


As my crochet obsession took over my brain for the better part of the last five months and it shows no sign of slowing down, I realized I needed to re-insert balance in my life when it comes to my other passions, those of blogging and photography. Fortunately, photography comes naturally with crochet because I […]

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Lit’rally the Best Brownies Ever

Brownie pan

Hello, lovely readers! We’ve been having gorgeous weather lately and last weekend, it was wonderful to throw open all the windows and let in fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds of birds chirping. For some reason, the pacifying gorgeous weather struck a baking chord within me. (I bet you were wondering how I would segue […]

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Spring Fling and Easter Critters

Custom Order

Is it too early to celebrate? No? Happy Spring!!! I sincerely hope the weather is springlike where you are. I think we can all agree winter was frigid, to say the least, and I know more than a few states in the good old U.S. of A were walloped with weather they almost never have […]

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