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  1. I know your article about Mentadent toothbrushes is 7 years old, but I, too, absolutely loved them, and was very bothered when I could no longer find them. I didn’t know they quit producing them. 😦 I found a GUM soft compact worked pretty well, but not like the Mentadent. But, now, it seems those, too, are getting hard to find! ARGGHH!!! I wonder if I could find one that fit my mouth and just trim the bristles to the shape I like??? I may have to give that a try. Thanks for your article. Nice to know I’m not the only one particular about my toothbrush! Oh, and, sorry if I brought up an old wound that caused you pain. :S

    • Thanks for your comment! They really were the best. I’m trying a Quip toothbrush at the moment and it works pretty well. I hope you find a decent alternative!

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