I have been away from the writing machine for a while. I didn’t disappear into a vacuum (though I have my days I wish I could). My energies have been focused on the other arena of creative work which I have written about a lot since 2014–that being crochet. There is so much to learn and endless things to make, so my craft workshop couch is where I have been, wiling away my after-work and weekend hours with hooks and yarn. And then of course there is all the taking-of-the-pictures-of-the-crochet.

In light of all that, I came to the conclusion just last week that this blog felt more disjointed with the crochet posts. I then thought about how I wanted an undiluted platform where I can solely focus on geeking out over crochet. (And yarn, if I’m being honest.)

There are probably some of you readers who don’t mind the crochet posts, or even quite enjoy them. And for those who have been patiently enduring the craft chat (or perhaps not), now is your time to rejoice, for I will no longer be inundating this space with crochet talk. Being a Type A person, it feels good to compartmentalize and organize my passions into their little blog boxes.

To that end, if you’re interested in continuing to read about my adventures with crochet, head over to Zavvy Creations where you can subscribe by email or follow via WordPress. I already have a few things up and more ideas percolating.

It will also feel good to allow my other posts here that have been collecting digital dust in my Drafts to be fleshed out and polished, so their little corks may bob to the surface.

C’est tout pour l’instant! More to come–whee!



  1. So good to see you around again. All the best. Kris.

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