Heat Makes Me Crankypants

Um, yeah. Little fact about me. Having the Nordic genes that I do (despite being half Italian), I don’t “do well” in the sun and crazy heat.

It makes me irritable, tired, and not want to do anything. Including the acts of getting up, getting ready for work, schlepping to work, and then working all day.

An apt facial expression of mine that sums up how I feel about temps in the 90s with heat indeces in the 100s, which we’re experiencing this week here in the Plains State, is this:

Zoe Says ORLY

It’s not a current photo, so I’m putting that out there straight up. It’s probably about four years old. But it’s EXACTLY how I’m feeling this morning and every single day I have to wake up and endure being singed on my (delicate) skin by the intense rays of the sun.

This gal is READY for autumn.

Bring me chillier temps, where I can put on a fire, drink hot beverages, and start putting out my fall scented candles. BRING IT.



  1. First off, that facial expression is hilarious. I can only imagine the actual thoughts behind that look. Secondly, I’m with you on the cold weather. Bring on the hot cider and cinnamon-scented pine cones.

  2. I agree, bring on the Fall weather already. Right now, I am sitting here in Cleveland, OH and outside looks like it is 9:00pm as it is a dark and dreary day. We are getting rain finally after a few weeks. I have been feverishly working on tons of paper mache pumpkins for Halloween, and I am getting in the Fall festive mood. How are you doing Zoe?

    • Heat aside, I’m doing well! I am overdue on another post, but I have things bubbling. I hope your paper mâché project doesn’t take a hit from the heat!

      • I am working every day on the pumpkins to get the layers really thick, and then place them in front of the heater to dry while I am enjoying the air conditioning. I am glad you are doing well my friend!

  3. When is thanksgiving? I’m the one person rooting for the groundhog to see his shadow.

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