Disturbing Revelation

When TV shows go away during the summer, I’m usually forced to go through my movie collection or I have to finally watch all the previously recorded stuff on my DVR that I never got around to watching, e.g. the fourteen episodes of The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Seriously, that dude is terrific, right?

Recently, my dude made the decision to cut the cord to cable TV, which means I say goodbye to the DVR, which is My Precious (be sure to read that in Gollum’s voice).

To soothe the crushing anxiety of losing this modern marvel which is seriously life-changing, we reinstated our Netflix account, in addition to trying out Hulu Plus.

Having streaming-only television is still kind of a wacky concept to me, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Currently, I’m a little nonplussed by Hulu Plus (ba dum shh!) but if it is the only way we can enjoy current programming, especially when new shows begin airing in September, we’ll live through this transition. Side note: not exactly understanding why I pay for Hulu Plus when there are ads, but I guess thems the breaks. I’m over a barrel on this one.

One of our favorite shows is New Girl from Fox. If you haven’t given this show a chance and you’re not over 62, you’ll probably HIGHLY enjoy it. It has the same je ne sais quoi that Friends had. The chemistry, humor, and character development are just brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about it–honestly. Watch. This. Show.

So when we came across the first season of it on Netflix, we immediately jumped on watching the entire first twenty-four episodes. We basically had just a handful of binge sessions, streaming one episode after the other, devouring them like candy. It was fantastic.

One of the silliest plot lines has stuck with me post season binge. Well, it’s more like an image than a plot line. Nick not being able to go get a haircut doesn’t exactly move the character over a serious obstacle.

The episode is called “Bad in Bed” and in it, Jess is trying to take her sexual relationship with Paul to the next level. There are some pretty funny moments, of course, but the seemingly infinitesimal plot point about Nick’s resistance to get a haircut and then going to Winston’s barber is burned into my brain.

What am I leading up to, exactly? Okay, so…I know that we’re all supposed to laugh at Nick’s “ridiculous” haircut, right? I mean, he looks like Vanilla Ice.

Nick Miller Haircut

Here was Jess’s/Zooey’s reaction, combined with the fact that she told him she didn’t think he looked like someone who was very good at sex with that haircut. (Zing!)

Zoe Reaction

But there was something about it that honestly made me think Nick looked pretty damn hot like that! And then it hit me that perhaps that means I (still? ever had?) have a thing for Vanilla Ice. I mean, I was ten when Ice Ice Baby came out and I learned allllllllllll the words, baby. Oh yes. But then you go and watch the music video and the guy is wearing a sweatshirt while “dancing.” Not a cool hoodie or anything. A white run-of-the-mill sweatshirt that you could pick up at a gas station. Good God.

Fast forward twenty some-odd years and this imagery somehow grabbed and held onto me. Maybe this is my very, VERY latent crush on a guy who resembles those from New Kids on the Block? I’m asking, because I do not know.

Whatever it is, I’m going to ride it out and just enjoy the Nick Miller/Vanilla Iceness until season three premieres. I’m going to post a few more of The Haircut because it is tight, dope, and super fly.

Word to ya motha.

Nick Miller Haircut 3

Nick Miller Haircut 2

Nick Miller Haircut 5

Nick Miller Haircut 4


  1. saintclarence27 says:

    While I love New Girl, I can’t say that I find myself attracted to Vanilla Ice haircuts. I am considering getting one of my own, though

  2. He he he, I remember that episode. I too am a New Girl fan….
    I think the series is hilarious and another funny sit com is Whitney….. 🙂

  3. I’m right there with you! Don’t know how this disturbingly bad haircut could whoo us, but it does on Nick Miller! It somehow lets us revisit our 12 year old (in your case, ten year old) crushes and while they’re probably all embarrassing and shouldn’t be revisited, it’s kinda fun. Now I really miss New Girl and wish I could rewatch the entire first season. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. : )

    • Hopefully it’ll be available to stream for you soon. Season One is on Netflix here but not season two. It’s an addicting show. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hey Zoe,

    I know it’s been awhile since our last correspondence. I see you keep busy 🙂 Anyway, I’m reaching out to you because I wanted to do a mini profile on you (I just finished one on The Hook, which is up now). If you’re down, hit me on my email at nyckencole@hotmail.com. We can do an email interview (preferred). Let me know something when you can.

    Take care.

  5. I LOVE New Girl! And I’m starting to fall just as madly in love with The Mindy Project. I can’t wait for new shows to start new month. My standout moment from New Girl Season 2 had to be the cookie…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-wICN37bfE

  6. I LOOVE Nick, there’s something about him, he’s so sexy, lol. And the haircut is fine, it’s actually an improvement, just get rid of the shaved line…

  7. YES. I am a new girl at New Girl (heh), and I just watched that episode yesterday. I love that they continually refer to it as “bad at sex”. And I would absolutely make out with Nick in that hair cut. I mean, the body wave up top? And it’s so SHINY. Just imagine running your fingers through it, and the sort of stubbly feel of the under part. Mmmmmm.

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