Tidal Wave of Silence

It happened.

It really…finally…happened.

Last weekend, Mr. and Mrs. S., of My Neighbors from Hell, officially moved out.

Gone. Poof. Moving truck came and went. And they haven’t spent a single night at the apartment since. Maintenance has been in to paint already, which can only mean they’re really, truly, utterly gone.

The blissful silence that has enveloped us from next door (in addition to the intoxicating absence of any third-hand cigarette (or otherwise kind of) smoke) has been a crushing tidal wave of relief.

The chains have come off. The doors to Shawshank have opened to reveal too bright light.

We bask in the glorious freedom!


Handel’s Messiah. Not just for Christmas!


  1. Oh Zoe, I know too well how you are feeling right now. The peace. The quiet. The anger is now gone inside of you. Life is back to normal. Our one neighbor on the right side of us turned into the neighbor from hell. We used to talk to him all the time, thought he was a little geeky, his wife left him, he could not afford the house now so he had to put it on the market, he met another girl, moved her in, and it all went downhill from there. Months and months of torture from this geek from hell, until he moved. I realized the day after he moved that I was calmer and life was normal again. I know exactly how you feel and I am so happy for you!

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