Whee for E!

If you’ve never seen the above gel capsules before, they are vitamin E. This post has nothing to do with E as in Ecstasy (not that I know a freaking thing about Ecstasy) and everything to do with the SUPPLEMENT and virtuous fatty acid vitamin E. Hope that clears things up.

I wanted to chat about E today because of my own recent experience with needing to use it as a topical solution. So in advance: you’re welcome!

Vitamin E is great because it works both internally and topically. In wintertime, when we are most dealing with colds (read: constant runny noses) and have chapped dry skin, take a needle or pin and prick a vitamin E gel capsule to release the gooey stuff inside. Smear a little around your red, chapped nose or on a patch of painful, dry skin (elbows, lips, knees, legs, etc). You will be amazed at how soothing it is and how quickly it works to get the skin back up to snuff.

Because it is so thick, you’ll want the patch of skin you use it on to remain bare while it is absorbed. When I was a kid, my mom burned her forearm on the oven door. She had a huge brown patch of skin where the oven door touched her and it scabbed over. She smeared a couple of vitamin E capsules on her arm once or twice a day while it healed and she had no scar from it.

I don’t know how vitamin E fares on preventing stretchmarks for pregnant women, but I would surmise it definitely helps.

E is literally “the most effective naturally occurring beauty product.” I took that from the premiere source on this vitamin, which is a well laid out and helpful read on all its fabulousness. And, if you’re in a reading mood, check out this article on fundamental skincare basics, which includes incorporating antioxidants in your diet and your skin creams.

Internally, E kicks ass and takes names. Your cells are like, totally BFF 4 Life with vitamin E. Keeping cells healthy means you’re helping yourself preventing certain cancers, heart disease, and even acne. Truly!

So get your E on. Zoe Says do it, as does Dave Starsky played by Ben Stiller. Do it. Do it. C’mon, do it.



  2. Allison P says:

    Trader Joe’s sells a Vitamin E oil that is very affordable compared to Whole Foods and other locations. I love it and have given bottles of it to pregnant friends as well. I’ll definitely try just using what’s in the capsules on my next scar because I scar EXTREMELY easy, even alot of my mosquito bites leave scars/marks on me.
    My doctor recently had me double my intake of daily vitamin e supplement from 400 IU to 800 IU because of metabolic syndrome, neuropathy, andd fibromyalgia (among other medical conditions). I have also read that one of the best sources/highest vitamin e content is in wheat germ oil, so with the need to follow a gluten free diet, I’m guessing that maybe I need to supplement my diet to replace what I’m not getting.
    One last bonus of Vitamin E — It also supposedly increases libido for men and other aspects of their sexual health. 🙂

    • I scar easily too, Allison! It takes so long for my skin to heal and vitamin E does wonders. Looks like I’ll be stocking up on vitamin E/oil for multiple reasons! Thanks 🙂

  3. I took vitamin E while I was pregnant, and then stopped after my kids were born because I’m an idiot. Thanks for the reminder, Zoe!

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