Paying Homage to Pretty

So even though I usually keep the photo posts over on my photo blog, I wanted to share a little bit over here because that’s how much I love staring at pretty, sparkly, lit up Christmas trees.

I think the pagans were right on the mark with this whole tree idea.

Even at this very moment, my tree is sitting lit behind me and I keep turning around to look at its pretty lights and the reflections on the ornaments. Having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree helps to make up for not having a fireplace or mantel, something I grew up with and adored. (Someday….!)

Below are one picture I slated for Zoe Says and another from Flickr that I’m linking here because I couldn’t decide which look I loved most. Ah, the magic of editing software.

However, if you want to see more, because obviously I took lots of different shots from different angles and processed them differently, go here or here.

What are your favorite holiday decorations? (We have stockings up, too, but they pale in comparison to the tree.)

Tree Triptych


  1. We just put up our tree yesterday. It’s for the kids, so it has lots of sparkly lights and also every decoration they’ve ever made or been given. It’s nothing you would see in a department store window, but perfect in every way 🙂

    • That’s the best description I think anyone could have for Christmas decorations! As long as it means something to you, that’s all that matters. Love!

  2. My favourite decorations is the dressings on the food I am about to eat 🙂

  3. I like outdoor trees with lights. Nothing wild or flashy. Just a tree on snowy ground, dark sky, and lights.

  4. It does look beautiful, Zoe! I have been trying to capture the beauty of our tree at night, but I don’t think I understand my canon rebel settings well enough yet. They just aren’t turning out! haha! I’ll keep playing. I think I’ve figured out that a flash ruins the photo. Ah, such science to get to beauty. Anyway- great pics!

    • Oh!! That’s what I have, a Canon Rebel XS. Are you using a tripod? If you go to the link I put with the tutorial, it explains everything you’ll need to take photos of your tree. I was shooting on RAW in Manual on a tripod with a 50mm lens. I then processed the photos in Lightroom.

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