Today, I had a small epiphany while I was eating a little snack.

And when I had it, I looked something like this:

Same euphoria as, "ME? You want ME to be the director of your Christmas play?"

So there I was, minding my own business and eating a Peanut Butter Twix, when it hit me.

“Why, this tastes EERILY similar to one of the all-time greatest snack cookies that ever existed – Tagalongs!” I thought to myself. If you don’t know what a Tagalong is, I fear for you, unless you hate chocolate and peanut butter, one of the greatest combinations of foods ever to grace our planet. (If you are allergic to peanuts, I am very sorry for your loss.)

Tagalongs are the chocolate enrobed peanut butter patties that the Girl Scouts sell every year, when they finally deign to emerge from the cookie factories with untold number of boxes, ready to be sold in offices of the parents of Girl Scouts nationwide.

A Tagalong looks like this:

I don’t really have a photo of what it tastes like but the one of Charlie Brown above is a pretty accurate representation. They’re just….little miracle cookies, is the best way to put it. Of course, I am decidedly NOT shunning Thin Mints or Samoas, because those also hold a special place in my heart. But I am one of the rare few who outright states that this is my favorite Girl Scout cookie.

According to this blog post, Girl Scouts changed up some of the names of the cookies a few years back. Since I don’t always get a chance to order Girl Scout cookies each year, I had no idea. This woman was pretty incensed about it, however. Apparently Samoas are called Caramel deLites? Pretty lame. And I don’t know who decided to downgrade Tagalongs to “Peanut Butter Cookies,” but are you kidding me?

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

The new names are depressingly literal. I loved that the old names were either bad puns (“Samoas,” like “some mores,” get it?) or filled with obscure Girl Scout references.

“Trefoils” are the insignia scouts wear; “tagalong” is a game they used to play.”All Abouts,” were stamped with Girl Scout values–like “confidence” and “character.”

They’re now called “Thanks-A-Lots,” which sounds sarcastic (“thanks a lot), although the cookies are earnestly printed with the word “thank you” in five languages. (The ad copy on my daughter’s form describes them as “heart-warming shortbread cookies dipped in rich fudge”).

I will forever be delighted to overlay the “Thanks-A-Lots” with a sarcastic tone from this day forward.

If you’re like me, and you are frustrated that Girl Scout cookies can not be available at least one extra time of year (could they not make a killing right before the holidays?), take heart! Peanut Butter Twix tastes pretty much exactly like a Tagalong, with the exception of a chocolate cookie inside instead of a vanilla one. The cookie flavor itself doesn’t make as much of a difference, but perhaps the Twix people have some kind of inside knowledge of the kind of peanut butter filling the Girl Scouts use in the Tagalongs, because the consistency is almost identical.

Basically, Peanut Butter Twix are Tagalongs in disguise (and ‘stick’ form). And! They’ve been around for almost thirty years. Pretty clever, if you ask me. I don’t regularly buy candy bars and the like but I was craving something of this ilk today when I was in the drugstore, and when I passed by the display, I pulled another Charlie Brown:

"THAT'S IT!!!"

My advice? If you haven’t ever experienced a Tagalong and don’t want to wait until February, or whenever the damn cookies are sold, get thee to your nearest drugstore and purchase a Peanut Butter Twix, otherwise known as Tide-Me-Overs. Break your Tagalong virginity. Zoe Recommends!


  1. Kevin Schneider says:

    Tagalongs have always been my favorite, too, except for the fact that a box holds like 5 cookies.


  3. I love the peanut butter Twix, but I think these get even closer to a Tag-A-Long: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Value-Fudge-Covered-Peanut-Butter-Filled-Cookies-9.5-oz/11303914

  4. Yum! I have never had either a peanut butter Twix or a Tagalong. But I do treat myself to a Reese’s peanut butte bar (how GLORIOUS that they’ve made them into “family sized” bars!) every time I limp out of physio and across the street to the grocery store. My kids are both severely allergic to peanuts, which is very sad for them. For me? It means I can have as much peanut-butter/chocolate goodness I want, without having to share a single bite 🙂 (I mean, as long as I wash my hands very thoroughly, afterward.) Woot!

    • Reese’s definitely figured out a way to corner the market on chocolate/peanut butter confections! Sorry your kids are allergic – more Starburst for them, right?

  5. The BIG question is…How Many Can YOU Eat, at one time? (If you really wanted to)

    • PB Twix or Tagalongs? When I was younger, it was very easy to eat a whole box of Tagalongs because I don’t think more than ten come in a box haha. Now I’d probably do the adult thing and portion them out. Probably.

  6. I used to buy the vanilla cream Girl Scout cookies every year. And then, suddenly, the girls show up at my door and tell me the vanilla creams are no longer available. They’ve been retired! What? First, it was Ben & Jerry’s Rainforest Crunch, and now this?

    Great post, Zoe. I’m going to throw out all of the leftover Halloween candy so I can justify buying some Peanut Butter Twix. Thanks!

    • Rainforest Crunch? I’m intrigued, I haven’t heard of that one. I was just recently disappointed when I finally got to try Late Night Snack and it wasn’t very good. 😦

      I remember the vanilla cream cookies! I had no idea they retired them – that sucks.

      The Peanut Butter Twix will make your weekend, I promise!

      • I just want to say that my life was just fine until you came along and mentioned Peanut Butter Twix. I’ve looked everywhere. They must be banned in Canada. Do I have to drive to Maine to find these things?

        Okay, I guess I was the one who came along — it’s your blog. But still.

      • Seriously? They’re not available in Canada? I double checked my source (Wikipedia, of course) and it says that Canada started having them in 2006. Somewhere out there they MUST exist. If you do foray into Maine on occasion, I can assure you that you can and will find them at most drugstores or a Wal-Mart or something. Speaking of Maine, I’ve always wanted to visit. It looks absolutely beautiful. But that’s neither here nor there.

        Do you know anyone in the US who could send you some? 🙂


  1. […] Thin Mints (also known as Grasshoppers, made by those wonderful Keebler Elves; they also make Samoas that aren’t Samoas, in case any of you are still keeping up with my Girl Scout Cookies in Disguise) […]

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