Short ‘n sweet

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new small addition to Zoe Says:

You can find it in the Categories section in the drop-down menu above if you want to find all the posts. Basically, I swapped out anything I have ever written and called a “review” and put it into this new category. What I’ll be attempting to do on a regular basis from here on out is find something, anything, to review or discuss and then give my “recommendation.”

I like a good product review but there are times that what I’ll write about isn’t necessarily something branded. For example, I could do a post saying Zoe Recommends drinking hot chocolate by the fireside. Or perhaps I’d say, Zoe Recommends flipping on your turn signal in rush hour traffic. You get the picture. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing product reviews. They’re fun!

If nothing else, this will enable me to blog more but it also kind of puts the impetus on me to write about a particular “genre,” if you will, more regularly.

Your friendy friend blogstress,


  1. Love the new header! Brighter, more lively! xoxo

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