Shaking things up

For anyone who has seen this blog develop over the past three years, you know that I have gone through a few themes. Each one has gotten better aesthetically and functionally speaking. I really like this current one a lot, actually, though there are a few things I would like to change. Furthermore, it’s become quite popular so I feel like it’s losing its panache.

One of the factors I am dying to change is the font. I am soooooooooooooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of the Georgia font. Was that emphatic enough?

When you’re with, you have to take the font that is given to you with your theme. I’m not ready to depart from this awesome platform yet (as in, moving this to a self-hosted WP site) so I wanted to put this out there to you all:

  1. Do you change your theme every so often? If so, why? (I am a theme nomad, myself.)
  2. Anybody going to shed any tears if I go ahead and change my theme? When I do, it will be a drastic difference, let’s just put it that way.

The one I have my eye on has the font I like and it will have a few more frills (read: girly). I have used very non-gender-specific themes up until this point but since it IS my blog and people know what to expect by now, I don’t think a little more estrogen is going to have people run screaming from the blog. I really don’t know if I have more women or men readers – so far, it’s seemed pretty balanced. The point is, it’s all about self-expression, right?

I welcome your thoughts! I’ll be making a decision on this by the end of the month, I suspect.


  1. Make it girly.

  2. I haven’t changed my theme in a while, but the theme I have I can change the background and header so it FEELS like I’ve changed my theme. 😉

    I love seeing new themes on blogs! No tears would be shed by me, and since I’m also a Zoe, my vote is more important. 😉 (SO not serious about that last comment, just fyi…)

    • Thanks, Zoe!! I knew you weren’t serious haha. I love my theme right now because it too also has customizable headers and background, and I do love making my own headers. Honestly if I could change the font and have the width be more flexible, I probably wouldn’t even be considering such a change. But I still heart me some WordPress.

  3. Old with the old and in with the new, I say! Everyone needs a change once in a while. I welcome it.

  4. 1) I just changed my theme and I love it! I’m going to stick with this one for awhile, but I will def. change it again if I get sick of it.

    2) I wouldn’t cry if you changed up the theme, but I would be sad if it became an explosion of pink on pink.

    • Hahahaha I promise it won’t become an explosion of pink on pink! It might have SOME pink in it, though. But it’s a pretty fun theme that I’m looking at.

  5. I agree, make it what you want it to be. It’s your blog! It is kind of too bad WordPress doesn’t have a thing where users can choose various themes. I know some forums that have a drop down list where the admin can allow different themes and each user can choose which they like.

    • Oh they have TONS of themes but previously, you weren’t allowed to change the font or the CSS. I just saw that they now offer those options as an upgrade, so I think they’re competing with some of the other heavy hitters out there (Blogger, namely).

  6. I will keep reading it no matter what the theme! I look forward to your new entries!

  7. Change your theme to whatever you like 😀 It’s your blog, do what you want with it I think
    When I first made my blog I thing I must have gone through 5 different themes per minute. But I’m just that indecisive. It’s stayed the same for a while, but that’ll probably change soon…

    • Thank you Sam, I’ll be doing just that! I know what you mean about changing themes often. I get bored and can’t keep the same one longer for so long, but this current theme of mine is the one that’s lasted the longest, I think.

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