Cómo se dice “nylons?”

Today’s post is a two-parter! Ooooh, aaaahhhh.

The first thing I’m going to do is put up a photo of Lady Gaga. I still love this girl, what she stands for, her music, all of it. Such an inspiration for just being who you want to be and not giving a damn what people think about it.

Courtesy of Lady Gaga Daily

My thoughts on this photo are: if I could get away with wearing something like this, even for just an hour, I would totally try it. That would mean a LOT of things would have to be different in my life, including having a body like Lady Gaga’s. So no worries to anyone reading this who knows me personally – it’s not happening, now or ever.

Wearing anything resembling what Lady Gaga is in New York will get you attention but not as much attention if you live in a much smaller city or town, especially in the Middle States. But I dig the boots and the fact that she’s made an “outfit” out of a bra and pantyhose. Oh and presumably a thong. You go, girl. Can we all take note, though, that no matter how tiny you are (and she is tiny), pantyhose still comes up over your belly button? This photo just proves to me that they are meant for people with incredibly flat stomachs and no one else.

The second thing I’m going to do is ask about the word pantyhose. Is that a dated term? I really like the word stockings but I’ve heard that’s antiquated. I know many women prefer to say “tights,” though for me, that seems incredibly outdated and those are what I wore when I was eight. They were usually white or pink and were thicker than ‘hose.

In order of which terms I prefer to say, it goes stockings, pantyhose, nylons, tights.

So instead of debating it with me, myself and I, I’m putting up a poll. I’m fascinated that there are so many different words for stretchy nylon material in the shape of legs. Which term do you prefer? A secondary question for those who care to comment would be, do you wear these things? I think it’s quite clear I do not.


  1. Hey Zoe! If you can wear it and it looks good, do it! Although wearing something like this while grocery shopping might make a statement & perhaps draw a crowd! LOL (P.S. Not sure if they are stocking or nylons, but she has them pulled up too high in the front!)

  2. When I hear the word “stockings” I always think of socks. Like, knee socks or over-the-knee socks. I don’t think that I’m right… that’s just what comes to mind. 😛

    • I picked it up from somewhere, I just don’t know where. I could totally see stockings being reserved for knee-highs or something. Hahaha. Remember the word/clothing item coolats?? Does ANYBODY wear those or know what they are anymore?

      • omg when i was a kid, my parents didnt allow me to wear shorts or jeans. Had to be skirts or coolats. The horror!!

      • Remember skorts?! AHHH!

      • Just reading this Zoe….and they were culottes, from zee frensch, and they were the knickers that men wore in days of yore. The culottes of the seventies for girls were, alas, pas chic!

      • Haha I remember wearing culottes as a kid but they were wide-legged cropped pants. Now we just wear capris.

  3. Jennavril says:

    Okay, I agree with interchanging the words pantyhose and nylons, but tights are NOT the same thing. Tights are opaque, not transparent like pantyhose/nylons. Also, as far as any of these are concerned, I feel like they always come up to the natural waist. Perhaps this is because if they sit on or below the hips, they would slip down. You almost need your hips to help keep them up.

    • Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad someone else agrees with me about tights vs. pantyhose. I really did and do think there was a difference. I still think ‘hose is for people who don’t have weight issues, though. One loses a “natural waist” when one is larger…

  4. Tights are indeed thicker than nylons/pantyhose. Wrestlers wear tights, not pantyhose. Here’s how I break it down:

    Nylons/stockings – single leg, sheer
    Pantyhose – both legs and torso, sheer
    Tights – spandex

  5. Are you old enough to remember the Legg’s Pantyhose (maybe they still make them) that came in an egg shaped container?! Ha…. what marketing guru came up with that? Obviously someone that is most likely pretty rich, right now.

    I can’t keep up with all the style changes, but last time I checked hose/pantyhose/nylons/stockings (whatever) were out of style; that definitely works for me!!

    Great post….. always a giggle somewhere in your writing ~ LOVE IT!

  6. I would call them tights. I’ve always hated the word “Pantyhose” and “nylons” makes me think of grandmas. If her tights were made of thicker material I was call them leggings.

    I love her outfit sooo hard. I don’t think anyone should try to wear this without being surrounded by bodyguards.

    • Haha, agreed about the bodyguards! Good thing she has them. Perhaps the whole notion of ‘hose/nylons/stocking has become so old-fashioned that there is no way to find a modern connotation. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. www.giftspersonalized.us says:

    I know I am older, but I would all them nylons. The only thing that Lady Gaga wants is attention, and she is getting it. Unfortunately her stardom seems to be slipping.

    • I can’t agree that her stardom is slipping Ray but that is because I am biased and I love Gaga. Thanks for coming back to read and give your input!

  8. I voted for “awesomeness.” But that had less to with the actual garment than it did Gaga in general. I love that crazy biotch!

  9. I say AWESOME!!! Then again, I’m prejudice as I LOVE GAGA! If I could, I would (you betcha).

  10. Oh, congrats on your award…

  11. Love your blog! Discovered via Freshly Pressed (congrats!) And totally agree with your Gaga comments. She’s a created a unique brand unto herself. I find her outfits and look as entertaining as her music (sometimes more so). Anyhoo, I hate pantyhose (panty? really?), stockings sound scratchy, tights sound tight (and yes, like I’m 5YO again). Nylons seem appropo but I never wear them unless I ab have to. And when would I ab have to? 😉 Keep up the fun!

  12. I say pantyhose. Also I don’t wear them, they confine me. Once I sent my son to my Mother’s house for the weekend and he came back calling his underwear “pantyhouse” because my Mom kept talking about hers… slightly disturbing but luckily he stopped calling them that soon enough.

  13. I love Lady Gaga after seeing her on So You Think You Can Dance. She is beautiful. I like reading your blog!

  14. Your great Gramma used to slip a $5 bill to us girls when we left her house after visiting on Sundays, and say “Buy yuself somma stock-e.” She meant stockings, of course, not stocks and bonds. So, “stock-e (short “e” as in ‘egg’, emphasis on the “k”). I always wondered what it was like for kids whose grandparents didn’t speak “broken English” – now I think it was wonderful that they knew English at all, given that they were primarily peasant immigrants with little or no formal schooling… But they knew how to work hard and save money, and they shared it. Ya gotta love it.

  15. I’m witcha on the tights thing – I think more of a dancer than a kid, but you were quite appropriately descript, in my book, too. Pantyhose sounds kind of old as I think of my mother saying that when I was younger. Since there is a dress policy at my job and I have such a big mouth (me? NEVER!), I’ve asked them to be descript in what they mean. So they’ve adopted the word “hosiery” to be all inclusive.

    Addressing the “wear it if I could” – whatever the reason is – I’m witcha on that, too! If I could wear HALF the things I see around this city and feel good in it, I’d be on it like white on rice.

    And as for the “pantyhose” coming above the belly button…maybe they’re control top? 😛

    • Haha, no it’s all pantyhose. They have to come up higher or they’ll just roll on down. “Hosiery” – great term hahaha! I like that one.

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