Big gushy thank you

I really don’t know what to say. I am bowled over at the response to this weekend’s featured post from Freshly Pressed. I never would have guessed that WordPress would bestow their highest honor on me with a post about a socially awkward smile. The discussion that followed (and is still on-going, mind you) was extremely eye-opening, hilarious, and thoughtful.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is….I love you, man!

I have a plethora of new subscribers so I feel this relatively high amount of pressure on my shoulders to deliver solid posts. I am counting on you all to give me proper feedback. Oh, and welcome! For new readers, I will say that some of my post popular posts stem from my earlier years. Perhaps one day I’ll make a list of my Top 10 but for now I will keep mum. I have my favorites, of course.

My writing style has not changed much except I try to keep things shorter and sweeter nowadays. I also heretofore felt freer to use curse words. Now they are used in moderation to really punctuate a point but I try to keep it clean. (Big step for me.)

I don’t have a current photo of myself that accurately depicts my joy at the response this little blog has gotten so I am posting one from when I was 26; you can see the following: my goofy facial expression, I was wearing a Pr0n * (porn star) tee-shirt – I mean, really – and it is intended to be laughed at. I may or may not have ordered cards with this photo on it and sent them out to crack up my friends and family at the time. Thank you, Shutterfly.

Was I rocking this tee-shirt or what?

Again, I am humbled and grateful for your attentions and I look forward to creating more meaningful posts for your enjoyment.


  1. Momma Be Thy Name says:

    I’m counting on you to blow me away with your forthcoming posts. No pressure.

    Follow me @mommabethyname

  2. I picked a great weekend to sign up — who knows if I would’ve found your gem of a blog otherwise!

  3. I’m confident that you’ll deliver. I’ve seen nothing but good stuff so far (yeah, I’ve looked through the archived stuff). I actually really liked the post on the “courtesy smile”–I really dislike the majority of social pleasantries and communicative norms, so your post struck me as good commentary, especially since it was presented so kindly. Whenever I talk about that sort of thing to people, I tend to be a bit less than professional.

    In other words, you’re great–keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Thanks so much, Cody! Interesting Gravatar photo, by the way. I really appreciate that you took the time to go through some of the older posts, as well. 🙂

  4. It is so exciting that you were freshly pressed, and I really enjoyed your post! Love the pic btw. Just keep doing what you are doing, and I am certain that all will continue to enjoy reading what you have to share. Congrats again =)

    • Thank you! I love getting feedback from people; I never imagined that The Little Post That Could would ever get such commentary but I guess it shows we all have feelings about smiles and what constitutes being polite. Glad you enjoyed!

  5. Not surprised you got a great response to that post, it was excellent. I’ve been telling my friends about it this morning over the fields at the bottom of our road.
    Take a look at mine?
    Have a good day

  6. Congratulations, you’re a role model for all of us, and sure did enjoy your post. Hope to read many more, well done Zoe

  7. says:

    First time reader of your blog and I thought it was great. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much! I’m trying to keep up with comments. I saw you commented a couple of other times on two other posts. Making my way through!

  8. Oo yay pron!

    I’m glad you were featured on freshly pressed, looking forward to reading your posts!

  9. Totally loved your post about the awkward smile. I actually made a point today to smile at people first and say hello, something I don’t usually do at work. …I ended up going home sick; I might blame that on you and your thought provoking humor? I’m a new follower… you better not let me down!

    • I will do my best to not let you down! I don’t mean to laugh at your being sick, because I’m not, but I thought it was so ironic you went home sick on the first day you try genuinely smiling and saying hello. Feel better and thanks for the follow!

  10. hey zoe,,,i really like your blog!!!! i actually just started mine,yesterday to be precise,,,its called ‘ayoungkenyan says…’,yes,i am a young kenyan girl called njambi…ad love it if you checked out mine once in a while 🙂 ad also be very honoured,,,

  11. Hi Njambi, I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for stopping by to read and reply!

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