Literally, the most misused word

Literally, the most misused word – The Boston Globe.

I literally want to hug this author for writing this piece.





  1. imaginecreation says:

    I wish the word EPIC would take a little rest too . . . really? It was EPIC, not epic or Epic but EPIC. =D I’m enjoying your blog, by the way.

  2. Damn straight!

  3. I literally beg to differ. While there are many over-used and incorrectly used words and phrases, my vote has to go to that tiresomely over-used and hackneyed phrase, “I’m sorry”. Really? Are you really feeling despondent and regretful, tragic, and/or grieved for having accidentally having brushed by someone, for not hearing what someone has said, or for countless other minor unintentional acts and simple misstatements? This phrase has been so tiresomely over-used and misused that it has truly lost its meaning and intent. I’m a strong believer in being polite, and certainly encourage more people to practice politeness, but really, there are so many other options which would be so much better, such as “excuse me”, “my error”, or “pardon me”. These let the listener know you acknowledge the transgression without making you look like some groveling fool. If you really have some deep regret in a time of true sadness, maybe, but (e.g.) “I’m sorry, but I’m a few minutes early” – STOP THE HYPOCRACY! Pardon my outburst, but this literally chaps my hide!

  4. It’s right.

  5. agreed. i like reading your blog lol its fun 🙂

    btw “fail” is also the most misused word these days – like for example when someone writes “I am a bouy” a person reacts to it as “fail” its like wow :/

    • Fail is DEFINITELY overused – great point! Someone recently said to me, “You fail” on some debate over which music streaming companies do it best and I touted my love for Pandora. It’s just not funny anymore.

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