A prayer to the movie gods

A humble request to the lords who control those who enter the same movie theater as me when I am dying to see a movie like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II:

I beg of you to grant my wish that my movie karma kicks in this time around and I get to watch this movie in peace.

Please allow only those into the theater who are interested in WATCHING the movie and are not there to analyze the movie for film class, narrate along to tell the rest of us what’s going on, or worse yet, have every single reaction to the film out loud. Those who can not be separated from their cell phones for 2.5 hours need not come at all. What’s the point?

I ask that those who can not sit still without fidgeting constantly (i.e., kicking the back of my seat) sit in the front row or wait for the movie to come out on Blu-Ray.

If everyone could be in their seats waiting for the movie to begin on time, that would also immensely help. I’d love to not have to stand up to let someone through because they don’t know how to show up even twenty minutes prior to the start of a blockbuster movie on opening weekend.

Lastly, if you could put all those with weak bladders in one theater or maybe dissuade them from coming on opening weekend, that would also help me enjoy my movie-going experience.

Remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I?  Yeah. That was not cool when four people decided to walk in for the last ten minutes and begin talking loudly and telling everyone else to shutup when they were shushed. Pretty much the last scene with Lord Voldemort went unheard and my boyfriend was cursed out for having the cojones to tell these guys how rude their behavior was.

Usually I stay away from the theaters until I am sure the coast is clear from the chatty Cathys, people who insist on bringing their infants and toddlers to adult movies, and other inconsiderate freaks (see above). Please, please, please, let me enjoy tonight’s movie.

Your faithful, considerate, quiet, timely movie watcher,


  1. During movies here, they always take an intermission! It´s so annoying. I always forget what movie I´m watching by the time it starts up again!

  2. Hahaha for movies that are even 90 minutes? This movie was something like 2.5 hours and was very good, though I got a cell phone guy two seats down from me, and he liked to mutter “macho” crap to the screen the whole time. He was clearly only there for his dumb girlfriend, who wouldn’t tell him to be quiet.

  3. hahaha, I’m remembering Homer Simpson walking out of one of the 1980s Star Wars movies saying something about Darth Vader being Luke’s father and getting heckled by all the people waiting in line for the next show!

  4. I’ve seen that one! I haven’t watched The Simpsons in YEARS but the early stuff I definitely remember. The Halloween episodes are some of my faves!

  5. I haven’t seen an episode for a long time either but its amazing how this stuff comes back to me.

  6. Testes, testes, 1, 2, 3

  7. imaginecreation says:

    Bring the tots to the adult movies . . . one of my biggest pet peeves. Being a mom of a 4 and 6 year old, I tend to sit and worry about what the youngsters are seeing, despite the fact they aren’t my children sitting there.

    • Absolutely!! It’s not just that it bothers the adults but I don’t think it’s right to subject the little ones to adult content, either. Great point.

  8. Exactly why my friends and I have gotten into the habit of seeing the last showing (10:00-ish) on a Wednesday night. We’ve had “private showings” of a lot of movies that opened the previous Friday.

  9. ahh you are exactly the person I don’t mind to be in the same theater room with. and yepp I do wish I can watch any movie in peace without being bothered or disturbed by inconsiderate movies watchers. LOL. I’ve read two of your posts and I think you write a simple yet so true things. Like it.
    Cheers!! 🙂

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