What other “Zoe Sayses” have to say

Zoe says beauty’s a drag | Courier Mail.

So I get Google Alerts for “zoe says” because it’s always good to be aware of what’s going on with your name/brand on the interwebs, when I got this one today.

Normally I don’t bother reading if it doesn’t have to do with me directly but this one I found hilarious (and kinda true).

I’m not saying Kim Kardashian can’t look stunning but I do think that she applies her makeup with a heavy hand. Think trowel. I don’t know about all-out drag queen but it wouldn’t surprise me if there are plenty of queens out there whose characters are Kim.

What do you think of Kim’s look? And do you agree with what this other “Zoe says” about Princess Catherine’s makeup on her wedding day?



  1. This is going to sound weird, but…she looks like the type of woman that I would have absolutely idolized as a teenager. not in the “I want to be just like her” sense but in the “she’s so pretty why am I always such an awkward nerd” sense. Now that I’m oh so mature I tend to think she’d look much better if she didn’t try so hard.

  2. Oh totally. There’s no denying that she is an above average looking woman – even naturally super gorgeous. But she just plies her face with waaaaay too much makeup. I am a girly girl and I am all for makeup but I think she weighs herself down with too much. Kinda like Christina Aguilera. But yeah, it’s understandable why they are idolized by the young’ins.

  3. Oh totally! What is up with Christina these days?

    Now I need to reread the article though and find out what she said about Princess Catherine!

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