Blogging for two

No, I’m not pregnant.

Forreals. I’m not.

I just wanted to say that in case there is an obvious dip in my posting schedule, it’s because I’m divvying up my time between photography-related posts on ZVIC and here, where I can be free to write….well, pretty much whatever. There is a big difference in posting for a business and where you can just blab on and on and insert the occasional off-color word. You feel me?

I currently have some stuff lined up in development to get out there for you fine folks who read me on the regular – it just may take me an extra day or two to get it out there. But I haven’t forgotten about you!

Lastly….isn’t that preggo picture awesome? I wish I could draw like that. Instead, I’ll have to find a pregnant woman wearing a skimpy superhero outfit whose picture I can take.

Again, I am NOT preggers. This would be a very different blog post if I were.

Over and out. For now.


  1. You had my attention and coriosity. Good job!

  2. My ploy worked! 🙂

  3. Haha you got me too!

    Love that picture!

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