4 Reasons Apartment Hunting Sucks | Cracked.com

4 Reasons Apartment Hunting Sucks | Cracked.com.

I love that I beat Cracked to this post with my very own about the pitfalls of Craigslist; it’s what started this blog. Except I went into far more detail. Yes, Cracked got the gist and many of the things they say is true. But let me tell you something: when you live in NYC and you don’t have a lot of money (so like, 97% of people there), you use Craigslist exclusively. You just have to. And you learn the ins and outs. I was not only the seeker but I was the seekee on a couple of occasions. And for the record, I DID take awesome apartment photos because I knew exactly what people would need to see to give me a call. I put up real photos.

This is a photo of one of my actual former living rooms.

Since I’ve already written about this, I won’t go into much more detail. But now I’m thinking I need to apply to be a writer for Cracked.



  1. Hilarious!

  2. Wait a second…that was our apartment! That curtain is now in my kitchen.

    • Haha! I was wondering if you’d see this! Seriously, we used to have the cutest living room. I found this photo on my computer and was all, “I have to use it!” I took one of the green lamps and it broke in Astoria. I was sad. I never found its replacement. Now I need a photo of the curtain in your new place 🙂

      • Yeah, it was super cute. We had the other green lamp for forever until Nala decided to knock it down with one thump of her tail. It was never the sturdiest thing…now we buy lamps that we can basically glue down to the table.

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