All in the Details

As I get more and more into photography, I am finding so many ways to network with other photographers/bloggers (photograbloggers?).

It’s tough not to go into information overload, what with Facebook updates, Twitter throwing link after link after link at you, and your RSS reader filling up each day.

However, it was tough to ignore this sweet photography contest over at Love That Shot. This Link-Up contest’s theme is “All in the Details” and I thought my Glossy Coffee Beans photo might be a good fit.


Glossy Coffee Beans

If you’re interested in winning a $100 gift certificate over at MCP or just want to share a photo with other photographers, you can head on over there and do so. The contest doesn’t end for five more days or so.

Maybe I’ll see you there!


  1. Saw you in the Love that Shot link-up, I love the shine on your coffee beans in the photo. Very cool! And I am totally with you on the information overload. I’m starting wonder if any of my non-photography friends have “unfriended” me yet for all the contest entries I post… 😉

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Andrea! Yeah, I’m trying to strike a balance between self-serving stuff and the posts that I like to write. I’m slo-o-o-wly developing my blog into something less arbitrary.

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