Extraordinary-ness Du Jour (A Photography Post)

What I am discovering about taking up photography, even on an amateur basis, is that it takes what we consider everyday, ordinary things or occurrences, and transforms them into visual pieces that we can ogle for…well, ever. I know, this doesn’t seem like news. But when you’re the person taking the photos, you realize just how much there is to consider when sizing up your shot. Why one photo strikes a person on a deeper level over another is purely subjective; I think that’s really what the magic of this process is. (Apparently this also goes for commercials. See my recent post about that weird VW/Darth Vader ad.)

As a Film Studies major, I took all the theory classes and dissected Film As Art, and I know how to pick apart a film down to the nth degree. And I still love doing that.

Now, as a budding digital photographer, I am learning about what it takes to capture a great shot and all the technical stuff that goes along with it. I will say that if I didn’t have a strong affinity for the visual arts, I don’t know that I would be so passionate about taking out my camera every chance I get and snapping photos in hopes to get something really good. I’m surprising myself at which pictures turn out to be the best.

It took more dedication for me to get to the point where I am writing something on here at least once a week. With photography, I am finding that I don’t need to give myself a pep talk. I get excited to pick up the camera and see what the cat licks up, so to speak. (Ha, sorry, that is such a random phrase that a dear friend of mine says.) I’m discovering that I wish I had more time to go and find settings, people, places, and things to photograph. I now know why on some level it’s easier to do a food blog because everything one will photograph will be produced in one’s own home. I have loved taking photos of food and I am really enjoying that macro or “XCU” type of photography. (XCU is a film term for extreme close-up.)

But I want to get out there and explore. I find there is something really magical about capturing a landscape. Changing up the angle and filling the frame differently are also interesting challenges. And then there’s photo editing, a universe unto itself. I love editing as much as I love taking the photo. It feels good to have found a niche that I might actually be good at. Perseverance is the only way I’ll find out.

If you’ve made it through my photography manifesto, is it were, then please enjoy some of the recent photos I have snapped and edited. Any feedback is, of course, welcome.

This evening I take my first course in Photoshop Elements with my latest favorite photography blogger, Amanda Padgett of Everyday Elements. If you have any inkling whatsoever to pick up a camera, start with her. I’m so excited to be on this journey!


  1. Anything with Lucas will always be my favorite. Art or not. I say you take a trip back into Monticello and walk Allerton Park. I’m sure you’re bound to find PLENTY of shots you want there, especially during the spring thaw when things start budding and blooming.

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