I Don’t Get It. (VW “The Force”)

Um, so I plain don’t understand why this Super Bowl ad is so popular.

I get that it’s cute, I guess….But the ad just didn’t trigger my “Awwww” button. Granted, a miniature Darth Vader, kid’s using his imagination, blah blah. What am I missing?

I’m honestly asking because I looked at the full length version when it was strategically leaked and I kept waiting for the big finale where I would crack up or want to cry. Neither happened. And I’m a huge Wall-E fan so it’s not like I can’t appreciate a scene where there isn’t any dialogue or anything.

Seriously, though, what is it?

I feel like Rachel on Friends when she gets her ultrasound and she can’t see the baby. Ross has to keep pointing out where it is. “I don’t see it!” she cries. That’s me. I DON’T SEE IT!



  1. Zoe, I’m not a Darth fan and didn’t even turn on the TV yesterday. Because I trust your taste I did not expect the chuckle I got at the end. In fact I watched it twice. Must be a mother factor. 🙂

  2. I know! I am LITERALLY the only person who doesn’t get it! It’s truly bizarre. But that’s okay because I have a friend who doesn’t “get” Wall-E. I’m glad that I’m not just a freak. (I have been told that every parent who watches this ad melts.)

  3. i have to admit, I *loved* this commercial…and I am not really a commercial girl (I don’t even have tv!). But…I think it’s just cause I am hoping my future kid will be a Star Wars/BTTF nerd 😉

  4. Awwwww……That’s one reason to like it for sure. I wish it tugged at my heartstrings. Not a blip.

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