Groundhog Day Cake

Nothing could have made for a better week than having an Adult Snow Day (read: working from home) on Groundhog Day AND  having my other half home with me since all classes at the University were canceled.

It is a real privilege to be able to work from home on an insanely cold, icy and snowy day when the roads and parking lots are treacherous. Many a company would flat out refuse their employees to do this, even in dire conditions. So if my boss is reading this, thank you. I am exceedingly grateful. You are very kind.

To celebrate all of these factors coming together divinely to provide me with a work day in slipper socks and pajama pants, on one of my breaks I decided to make something special.

That’s right. I got out the yellow cake mix from Ms. Crocker (purchased on sale for $.75 during the holiday season) and its accompanying super chocolatey can of frosting.

I read labels. I know that both of these items have corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and other crap in them, of which 99% of the time I steer clear. But sometimes, you just can’t beat being able to mix, bake, and frost a cake in an hour.

Yellow cake and chocolate frosting is a classic combo, at least in my book. A couple of friends of mine confirmed this when I told them I had a yellow cake in the oven. Also, yellow cake + chocolate frosting + glass of cold milk =  trifecta of goodness. This should be a theorum somewhere.

If nothing else, yellow cake baking makes your house smell so insanely good that even if you don’t end up eating it, just bake it for the smell.

I don’t regularly make cakes — regular or boxed — but today is Groundhog Day, a day I revere ever since the uber popular film released in 1993, as it became one of my all-time favorite movies. And so, in dedication to Punxsutawney Phil, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, the town of Woodstock, IL and the fact that it is balls cold out — a fluffy, delicious cake was made in my oven.

And isn’t it just handy that I snapped some “artsy” photos of the results?

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