First Photography Post! “The Junk Shoes”

This morning, I asked Kevin if he would mind very much if I threw out his beat up pair of New Balance shoes since he’d gotten some new ones for Christmas.

“I need a pair of junk shoes,” he replied, “so don’t throw those out. But I’d be happy to throw out the even older pair of shoes than those.”

My mouth went agape. He had shoes older and crappier than the ones in my hand?

He did. He really, really did.

Behold, Kevin’s super incredibly old junk shoes that loveliness forgot long ago:

They were so decrepit and time worn that I immediately pulled out my camera and started snapping photos.

Slightly confused at what I was doing, he asked, “Why are you taking pictures of my nasty shoes?”

“Because I’m going to blog about them, of course,” I answered breezily.

Now it was his turn to look aghast.

“You’re…going to blog about this?” he asked me uneasily.

“Yep!” He was out of options. The photos were quickly accumulating on my camera.

Since he couldn’t do anything about it, he got into the spirit and finally started showing off all the “features” of the shoes that told me they should have been in a landfill a couple of years ago. Here’s the hole he highlighted for me:

And another:

There’s nothing else to say except thank God he has me around.


Author’s note: This is my very first “real” photography post. I know that the post that had the picture of the gas light being lit technically holds that title but I felt I had more depth and artistic creation with this pair of shoes, so I have dubbed this post with said worthy title. Thanks for sharing with me in my creative journey! Feel free to leave any feedback, whether it’s about the craptastic shoes that Kevin was still willing to wear while doing “junk work,” or how I shot them.


  1. Kevin Schneider says:

    They felt like moccasins! They were so light it was like wearing nothing at all.

  2. Considering how much of the shoes were worn away, that’s no surprise at all, sweetie.

  3. I cracked up the entire way through this post for many different reasons!

  4. Then I correctly put this into the Humor category!

  5. Old shoes are the best! My husband keeps three generations of them before they hit the garbage! My rule… they stay in garage!

  6. That’s a great idea. I’m looking forward to getting a garage for many reasons, but definitely that one.

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