My Idea of Being a Daredevil

Here’s a little more insight into this blogstress.

This is what I deem reckless: driving to work with the gas light illuminated in full blaze glory and not stopping for gas before I get there.

That’s it.

The idea of having to get back in the car and face the taunting gas light yet again really sets my teeth on edge. I was wanting the first few hours of work to hurry up so I could go back out on my lunch hour and fill up the tank. I kept picturing the Worst Case Scenario of running out of gas (or “petrol,” as they say in Britain) before I got to the station. Clearly my mind can get on overdrive and if this is my biggest problem, I’m probably doing okay.

Nevertheless. These things can be traumatizing.

I’m proud to report that at least this time, the rumors of being able to drive forty miles or so with the light all lit up prevailed in my ability to drive twelve miles with one ignition shut-off in between before I filled that puppy up. Then I was able to sleep.


Terrifying. Insert "Psycho" music here.

And in case you’re wondering, this photo is one of the ones I took with the new camera. I just haven’t deemed it as “Flickr worthy.” I mean, it’s a picture of a lit gas light. Then again, I sat in my car and took out my camera and shot pictures of my dash because I didn’t want to Google someone else’s images. I’m sure I looked like a very strange person aiming my camera lens between the gaps of my steering wheel.


  1. I used to be super neurotic about this. To an extent, I still am, but if the needle isn’t on “E” yet, you’ve got a ways to go. I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but the cars that come in brand new in NYC are below “E” and that’s how you test drive them and you’ve still got a gallon or so reserve when the needle is pinned to the bottom. While it’s not the best thing to do, especially as the car gets older (because you start pulling in all the gunk from the bottom of the gas tank that has had gas in it for “X” years), you usually work out fine. My friend, however, is SO neurotic about it that she FREAKS when the needle is at half a tank. “God forbid (insert numerous scenarios here)” is all I hear and if we’re driving together or she gets a hold of the wheel, the tank MUST be filled.

  2. I don’t freak out but it definitely turns on the Zoe Neurosis! If I’m on a road trip I usually fill up at the quarter tank mark.

    • I used to be the same exact way. I thought 1/4 tank meant that I was going to be stranded, gasless, on the side of the road…IN NYC! LOL Oddly, though, we seem to be in the minority on this (at least in my experience) as my neurosis has been calmed down by plenty-a-men I’ve met along the way that LOVE to let the needle dip it low. However, not having a car anymore, this rarely is something I deal with. But I digress.

  3. Not Flickr worthy? I love it! Besides, it always difficult to get a good car shot. Believe me, I’ve tried.

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