Snow Day in the Prairie State

Yesterday, the weather outside was certainly frightful. Inside it wasn’t all that delightful, mostly because I don’t have a fireplace.  Therefore it was just kinda eh, thanks to the house I rent still having its original windows from the 1930s or whenever it was built. Nothing like seeping arctic air to ruin any attempts at low-cost heating.

The 50mph winds didn’t show signs of stopping – and didn’t. It never fails that I had to run errands in the middle of some of the worst weather of the year but run them I did. For the few minutes that the car was warm and I was driving on the smaller side streets, watching the snow fall next to the old-fashioned street lamps was actually quite pretty. Then I had to get out of the car.

Thankfully it’s the modern age with indoor heating. The wind chill was well below 0. Gusts of snow were blowing everywhere.

After running up to the drugstore to buy “emergency butter” so I could go through with my plans for baking, I commenced with making two sets of goodies: Oreo Truffles and “Crack Cookies.” I dubbed the latter with that name because they are definitely as addicting as crack. Plus they have crackers in them and are crunchy. Double Crack Cookies.

These two recipes were so gall durn messy to make, however, that I only captured photos in making the truffles.

So while the wind whistled and blew like a fiend, knocking over trash cans and making our utility shed door bang open and closed a thousand times, I cranked up the Eden Pure heater, blasted some Christmas carols, and balled away.

If you like Oreos. If you like cream cheese. If you like chocolate. Pretty much if you have a pulse, you will enjoy these decadent “candies,” which are dangerously rich and addictive. Needless to say they are sitting on my office’s kitchen table as I write this so I don’t have to have so many staring at me in my home.

Oreos pulverized with cream cheese


Chilled balls, ready for dipping.

Melted milk chocolate chips.

Finished (SLOPPY) product. Delish.


  1. And you make these AFTER I leave!?!?! No offense, though, I enjoy seeing you and Kevin but I am not missing that cold AT ALL!

  2. Wow, those look yummy! Going to have to go and find a recipe. Glad you had your Edenpure heater to help keep you warm! Cranking up the oven doesn’t hurt either. :o)

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