Rudolph or Ru-doff?

Over the weekend, I learned that out of myself, my other half, and our friend who was staying with us, I was the only one who pronounced the L in Rudolph (as in, Red-Nosed Reindeer).

Similarly, they also say Ran-doff instead of Randolph.

I have listened to several different versions of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and they ALL say the L, even if it’s not strong. It’s there! (Thanks, Bing!)

Ru-doff sounds like he’s from Jersey. Rudolph sounds like he just has a very old-fashioned name.

So I’d love to get your replies by putting a poll here.

How do you pronounce Rudolph?


  1. You just can’t get over the fact that you say it wrong. It’s like the toilet paper being installed rolling from the front or the back. Whichever way *I* do it is RIGHT!

  2. the “L” isn’t there cause it looks pretty, that’s for sure.

  3. Kevin Schneider says:

    The L is silent. Like the B in “abercrombie.” The second B.

  4. I am a girl and I pronounce it Rudolf

  5. all of you are wrong

  6. Daniel F Marsh says:

    “Rudoff” is not the Brooklyn pronunciation. In Brooklyn, it’s pronounced “Hizzonnah,” “Damaya,” or simply, “RoooDEEE!!!”

  7. I pronounce it Rudolf for some odd reason I can change the way I
    say it!

  8. Daniel F! I can’t say anything else than that comment cracked me up!

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