What’s Cheap and Tastes Like Liquid Crack?

For any of you who have read this other post by me, you won’t be surprised by the answer. Check out the photos first and then the actual review below them.


Where could it be from?

Aha! No real surprise here.


Holly jolly holiday cup o’ joe.

Normally I stick with my tried-and-true regular coffee from McDonald’s when I go during breakfast time. Small cup, four cream, three Splenda. (I used to get it black and take it into work where I’d doctor it with real half ‘n half. Ah, the corporate days when someone stocked the fridge with free half ‘n half.)

Today, I made the choice to try their new Caramel Mocha. I don’t really know how this works, seeing as a mocha drink is already awesome as it is. I mean, hello –  espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream. But the caramel edition intrigued me.

But when I tasted it, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Whoa. That’s too bad.” It was so sugary that it pretty much tasted like liquid crack. From the caffeine in the espresso, the “chocolate”, plus the sugary caramel flavor mixed in, I prayed I wouldn’t bounce off the walls at work.

They didn’t put whipped cream on it.

I didn’t even finish it.

Sorry, Mickey D’s. Not this time. Please try again. I wasn’t “sipping the joy.”


  1. Caca McDonald’s should stick to what they know. Cheap, fast, artery clogging, heart attack causing tastiness.

  2. I had a similar fate befall me when someone asked me if I wanted one. It seemed logical to want one. I mean it has my favorite things in it: sugar and caffeine. How could it go wrong?

    But it went terribly wrong… in my mouth.

  3. Yikes, this does not sound like good times. I stick with diet crack… I mean… diet coke… when I have to make the McD’s drive thru stop.

    Although – they did have a pretty tasty cool vanilla drink, no?


  4. Like a vanilla latte thing? I have only tried the mocha. I do love a good latte, though. But it’s usually not from McDonald’s. What is a GOOD crack from them is their fries. Kryptonite in potato form.

  5. coachingjoy says:

    It’s the “carrying coals to Newcastle” fo-pah (yes I know it isn’t true Francais); why would they add more sugar to all that sugar, making it sicky sweet and gaggingly unswallowable?? Haven’t they heard about the obesity epidemic in this country? And how do you know what crack tastes like, young woman? 😉

  6. I’m glad you tried it first. The commercials almost dragged me in, but after your taste test, I think I’ll pass on it.
    I’ll continue my commitment of never tasting anything coffee-related at McD’s for now.


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