Oh Yes She Did.

In keeping with the tradition of decorating/preparing for Christmas as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were whisked into the dishwasher, I surprised my boyfriend with an early Christmas present.

Those of you who follow my posts regularly will know that I seem to have inadvertently made it my mission to mention Charlie Brown Christmas/Peanuts throughout this holiday season.

Since pictures can speak for themselves, I bid you a lovely rest of your weekend and will let you see for yourself what I surprised the guy in my life with.

(He loved it.)

(I’m a great gift giver. One of my skillz.)

(Click on each photo for the enlarged version.)


  1. Awesome, Zoe! 🙂 I think that Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the best things that was made in the 20th century. I love the Lucy-as-Psychiatrist part so much, from the “Doctor is Real IN” sign to her “nickles, nickles, nickles, that beautiful sound!” speech. But it really is hard for me to choose a favorite moment. We all pretty much have it memorized.

  2. one of the best things that were made in the twentieth century. Oops! 😉

  3. Super gifts. Our kids are big on Charlie Brown items as well.

  4. Will there be anything left come Christmas morning? LOL

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