The Taste of Halloween

Little late on this one since the post about carving pumpkins, but after having an overabundance of candy leftover because we didn’t get the trick-or-treaters we wanted (like, any…), I wanted to quickly put this up.

I think most people could name several smells and tastes that remind them of the holidays. I never really thought about Halloween, though, until I was eating a leftover Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Don’t ask me why but opening the individual, bright orange wrapper, biting into it and tasting that distinct mixture of milk chocolate and peanut butter immediately sent me back to my younger years when I would dress up and chant for candy. This is how much candy we had leftover on Monday:

As of today, pretty much all of the chocolate pieces are gone and the Warheads are dwindling, since my boyfriend has an affinity for sucking on sour candy. We didn’t eat ALL of that candy, for the record. I took half of it to work, where my colleagues promptly devoured it before the end of the day. The miniature Snickers are also extremely Halloweeny to me. I distinctly remember trading whatever crap candy I could to get my hands on more Snickers or Butterfinger. (Butterfinger hurts my teeth to eat now. A sign of aging.)

Our cute little pumpkins are still sitting on the porch but I have a feeling we’ll be throwing them out very soon, since they’re slowly wilting and sagging. And Thanksgiving is only three weeks away. That is CRAZYsauce. I’m not ready!

What does Halloween taste like to you?


  1. Kevin Schneider says:

    Pumpkin Seeds! (Or pumpkin bread)

  2. It tastes like my birfday!

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