Pumpkin guts and glory

Seeing as it’s the last week of October, it’s only fitting that I finally took matters into my own hands and motivated me and the boyfriend to carve our two pumpkins that we picked up from the local orchard.

It is astounding how the smell of pumpkin innards can take one back to childhood and it still has that ucky smell. It’s as if the pumpkin wants you to regret carving it. “Here, take this smell.” I kept one hand clean enough to take some photos from start to finish. For the record, the smaller, less well carved pumpkin is mine. The larger, more precise pumpkin is Kevin’s. His culinary skills came in handy when it came time to delicately carve a squash into a scary figure. Who woulda thunk?

(Click on each photo for enlarged version.)

Ready, set, carve!

No holidays exist without Charlie Brown.


Kevin meticulously cuts his stencil.

He showed off his cutting skills. Mine was a lame circle.

Salvaging the seeds for roasting.

Cute little pumpkin face with buck teeth.

Kevin's final carved pumpkin. Spooky.

The last of the guts.

We immediately put candles inside. Aww!
Scary, right?

We’re gonna have such cute greeters for the trick-or-treaters!


  1. Kevin Schneider says:

    I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening procrastinating. I love holidays with you.

  2. Now that I’ve cleaned up the vomit, I can say that I saw these in person and they were awesim. They stayed lit (well at least one of them did) on the porch and were REAL jack-o-lanterns! I was also subjected to Charlie Brown Halloween stuff after an over-indulgent meal and a day of flying. Needless to say I don’t remember much but “I got a rock!”

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