Card Freak

Some of you may recall that in my post about being obsessed with pens that I also collect greeting and stationery cards. I have umpteen boxes in my desk drawer and I have to stop myself from buying them all the time. The vast amount of cards worthy of purchasing staggers the mind. Well, at least mine. Just recently, I purchased a new set of holiday cards. I wanted to get a jump on buying them before I had to wade through the bins marked 50% off because it’s one week to Christmas. Having made my satisfactory purchase, that makes at least six different kinds that I now possess – possibly more. A girl needs variety.

Anyhow. Aside from card hunting and swapping with my best friend, I also Google Image search a lot. You never know where inspiration will strike. I happened across the cutest, most creative “I’m sorry” cards that I’ve ever seen. I’m posting the photo below but you can also click the link above. (Edit: this post was written prior to Pinterest, where you can be sure that somewhere, the below image exists.)

For those of you who may not be computer savvy in terms of shortcuts, Ctrl Z is a keyboard shortcut for “Undo.” The sweet little “i’m sorry” in lowercase just makes it all the more adorable. I believe on the seller’s site you can order the cards individually. It almost seems silly to pay for shipping for one card when a first-class stamp costs $.44 but in this case, it’d be worth it. I can’t make any promises I won’t order one or more of these.

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